Ofir Bashari 
Company info:
Simon Betta, CEO & Founder of Astteria™ Inc. began with a passion for colored diamonds and a vision of global sales and marketing. Long recognized for unparalleled standards of excellence, Betta sought to employ the most skilled jewelry designers and master craftsmen in England, which lead Astteria Diamonds to be known as one of the most distinguished jewelry houses in London, UK. Founded in 2006, Simon Betta thought that in perfecting these masterpieces he needed to associate himself with a reputable, long-established diamond manufacturer. Shortly after, he signed a joint venture agreement with Eliayhu Bashari Diamonds Ltd. With his exemplary history, Eliyahu Bashari is regarded by industry experts to be one of the most innovative and fastest-growing diamond manufacturers in the world. His sons, Aviad and Ofir, continue to lead their family enterprise which manufactures the most beautiful and rarest diamonds sold to retailers around the world. In 2008, George Hadary joined the Astteria group exponentially expanding its worldwide network.