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About Moti Israeli Diamonds

Moti Israeli; director, owner, and driving force behind Moti Israeli Diamonds, has built his impeccable reputation, wide network of diamond suppliers, and gained vast knowledge of the diamond market for over 38 years. Today, using their expertise and connections, Moti Israeli and his team can provide you with a unique service – be your local buyer and representative right in the heart of the Israeli diamond market.

Being well connected within the Israeli diamond market and the international diamonds markets, Moti Israeli Diamonds has access to vast sources of polished diamonds of any shape, quality and size – from small mille goods to large stones of 10ct+. In addition, Moti Israeli has the buying power and experience to negotiate the best possible price.

Even more important, being located in the Israeli Diamond Bourse gives Moti Israeli Diamonds an advantage of physically examining each stone bought for you.

Moreover, having many years of buying experience and in-depth knowledge of prices ensures that the goods fit your criteria and the price fits the quality of the stone.

Moti Israeli Diamonds is proud of the quality of service, level of trust, and very close business relationships it has been able to provide its clients over the years. We know we can do the same for you.