Hagai Ceder 
Israel, Ramat Gan 
Company info:

The A. Ceder Diamonds company was established in 1988. The company has its offices in the Diamond Bourse Complex in Israel.

Situated at this cross road, the Ceder Company can look back at a long history of diamond manufacturing and trading.  Starting out in the 1960s, Arik Ceder built up a multitude of relationships, "upstream" and "downstream" in the international diamond supply pipeline, enabling his firm to source and distribute polished diamonds from and to a myriad of contacts and destinations worldwide.

After his son-in-law Hagai Ceder joined him in 1988, the A. Ceder Company was established and, among others, developed a niche in the highly sophisticated diamond jewelry market of Japan. At the same time, close relationships were developed with a choice of independent retail jewelry chains in the USA.

Arik Ceder, Hagai Ceder and Eyal Ceder are all full members of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), one of the largest diamond exchanges in the world. The IDE is a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB). Arik, Hagai and Eyal are all holders of the WFDB Mark of Excellence.

Our expertise

A. Ceder Diamonds is a lean, family-structured diamond firm with an impeccable reputation. And if size matters, in this case, the family-operated company allows it to operate successfully in a highly competitive market, to the advantage of its clientele.


With larger stones -- both rounds as well as in fancy shaped diamonds --in growing demand in the US market, the Ceder Company is right in its element. Contrary to many other diamond trading operations, the Ceder firm is an active manufacturer and therefore is not only able to supply custom orders but also can cut and polish stones and create lay-outs, set and matched pairs of top quality diamonds. Quality control is at the heart of a diamond cutter's success at A. Ceder and  no compromises are made -- or possible - on any of the diamonds polished by its cutters.

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